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Ben Mullen graduated from NCAD in 2006 with an Hons Degree in Fine Art. He has exhibited widely since then both at home in Ireland and abroad, in London in 2008. Most recently his work was included in Celestial Salt: Art in the Rural Context, Co. Offaly a project run by The Good Hatchery. His work has recently been selected for ev+a 2010, which is due to open in Limerick City in March. Currently studying architecture, he lives in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Unstructure: A View of the world from the inside out is a new installation of work conceived specifically for 'Wildly Different Things'. The installation analyzes our relationship to the built environment and the natural world and interrogates the basic idea of 'structure' in material forms and in our collective mythologies. In the work, modern building materials (glass, brick, steel, timber etc.) appear to support a primitive structure shelter that exists *by* but not *of* these composite elements. The resulting floating structure is a meditation on temporality and the notion of permanence. Unstructure looks at the metaphysical potential of structures composed of both mass and energy and simultaneously mythological ideologies and cultural references.

This work was conceived of and constructed while conducting a study of minimalist art and the history of shamanic rituals in ethnographic minorities. The artist is currently writing a text on the relationship between these two subjects, due to be published later this year.

Ben Mullen